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Hello, My name is Kevin Polsky. Owner of Planet Packaging company.  We are located in Memphis, TN.  I started Planet Packaging in 2004 with the idea of creating a company that would help small to medium size mom and pop retail store owners create upscale packaging programs for retail stores.

We also serve restaurants with packaging items for their to-go business.  Paper and plastic shopping bags, logo deli sheets for sandwich wraps and deli tray liners, logo cups, boxes and napkins.


We sell paper and plastic shopping bags, boxes, giftwrap,ribbon, tissue and custom labels. These items come plain or custom imprinted with your store logo. We carry many items in stock which are shipped from our warehouse located at 677 Phelan Ave. Memphis, TN 38126. Our goal is to help create a beautiful match packaigng programs for specialy boutique retail stores and restaurants.  


Please contact myself or any of our representatives. We strive on personal service and have a very creative and knowledgeable sales staff.

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